How Healthy Is Your Salesforce Implementation?

Posted by David Vickers on May 17, 2016 1:58:16 PM

No matter how good, or thorough your original implementation of Salesforce was, it will from time to time need maintenance or even periodically an overhaul. The good news is because it’s a cloud-based solution, Salesforce has your hardware health monitoring and maintenance covered for you. But you are not off the hook for everything:

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Why Throwing More Bodies at Your IT Project is Not the Answer

Posted by Scott Monnig on May 3, 2016 2:23:14 PM

A lot of companies find that competitive advantage comes with cutting costs and increasing speed to market. And that often works except if they’re launching a new IT project. This brings a new set of challenges, especially since the first reaction is to see who’s on staff who could do it.

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Why Requirements Should be Tested - A Lesson in Quality Assurance

Posted by Jeanne Schmidt on Apr 27, 2016 10:43:10 AM


Software development teams may be accustomed to working with quality assurance (QA) teams at the end of the development cycle but there are many reasons to involve QA at the beginning of a project. One great reason is to let the QA team “test” the software requirements. Whether your software development team is following agile or waterfall processes, having a QA analyst test your requirements can mitigate the risks of misunderstood requirements and delivering software that does not meet the expectations of stakeholders.

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Node.js is for Everyone

Posted by Don Worden on Apr 21, 2016 9:47:44 AM

When asked about Node.js, most developers would say that they have heard of it and may have even used it in some aspect of a project. When asked what Node.js is, the conversation tends to take a different turn into different technology “buzzwords” such as Meteor, MongoDB, and sometimes even Express will come up. The point is that while a lot of developers have heard of Node.js that is about as far as it goes. Node.js is a newer technology that is rapidly climbing to the top in the technology stacks of a multitude of large companies. Wal-Mart, PayPal, Netflix, LinkedIn, and many others are using the technology on a daily basis. So what exactly does Node.js do?

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