Three Ways to Overhaul the H-1B Visa Program

Posted by Monty Hamilton on Jan 18, 2017 9:51:45 AM
The Trump administration’s focus on immigration has brought the H-1B visa program to the forefront of the news. This visa program was originally intended to import talent to meet the void between the growing demand for high tech skills and the lack of available U.S.-based talent. Unfortunately, over the years, the program has been abused to the point that some American workers have been forced to train their replacements who lacked the skills and experience to take over their jobs. Read More

Outsource or Rural Source?

Posted by Soyini Coke, Guest Blogger on Nov 10, 2016 3:21:11 PM
I’m sure you’ve heard: jobs are moving out of the United States, and it’s causing frustration among American workers. More and more jobs are becoming automated, but many of the remaining jobs that need human beings are being outsourced to countries where the labor force is less expensive. Technology jobs are some of the main jobs that are moving offshore.  Read More

Agile Testing

Posted by Andrew Tubbs on Oct 26, 2016 11:48:04 AM
For many software testing professionals experienced in traditional development processes, working in an Agile project can be a foreign concept. Testing in older development models often only takes place near the end of a major development phase by a team of dedicated testers. As a result, test phases can be seen as a bottleneck since a multitude of bugs can Read More

Three Steps to Optimizing SAP Application Performance

Posted by Lou Torres on Oct 12, 2016 12:38:32 PM

With each meticulous stroke of the keyboard, each piece of intricate code, each configuration or integration, and with practically everything that occurs as an application comes together, it’s important to think about performance.  

Read More

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